How to Refer 

Referrals need to include a detailed medical history including interventions to date and a summary of the impact pain is having on a person’s life. We will consider private referrals and GP/Consultant referrals from all across the UK and Ireland.

This video explains our Adult Assessment care pathway.

GP Referrals

As per NHS Digital’s new instruction, all GP referrals from within England received after 1st October 2018 must be received via the ERS system. Anything received after this date on paper will be returned. Non-contract referrals can still be emailed over to our administration team on

For more information on the e-Referral Service, please see here.

If you are a GP referring to us via the ERS, you will be able to find us under the Directory of Services. Please:

1. Search under the hospital postcode, BA1 3NG
2. Select Specialty as "Pain Management"
3. Select "Bath Centre for Pain Services - Intensive Chronic Pain Rehabilitation"
4. If you cannot see us, then please check that you have blanked out the box marked "Distance Within"; any further problems please do call us on 01225 82 11 81.
5. Please also send us the UBRN via email to
6. Our service is also indirectly bookable. Please contact the admin team about this using the details above.

As we are funded by NHS England, all our patients must follow the pathways below:

Adult Care Pathway

  • The patient must have been seen by their local Pain Clinic within the last 12 months.
  • The local Pain Clinic or local medical team must support the referral.
  • Please note that the treatment at the Pain Clinic meets the care pathway requirements; if a patient has instead had, for example, only Rheumatology or Orthopaedic care, this does not meet the NHS England criteria.

Child and Adolescent Care Pathway

  • Children and young people must have been seen by a local pain clinic if available, or local hospital and/or Community Paediatricians.
  • Completed all appropriate local treatment options. This may include CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health
    Services) and Physiotherapy.

We cannot accept referrals for patients who are:

  • Due to have further medical investigations or medical/surgical treatment.
  • Suffering from mental health problems which require current treatment (e.g. active psychosis, suicidal intent). We can treat people who have a stable mental health condition and/or have suicidal ideation but low intent.
  • Currently misusing alcohol or other substances. Prescription medication will be reviewed as part of the assessment process.

Please note: in order to accept a referral for your patient, we will need:

  • Copies of all clinical letters from all of the local services that have been involved in the patient’s pain (such as Pain Consultants, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Adult/Adolescent Mental Health etc.) within the last year.
  • Copies of all clinical discharge letters from any previous admissions that the patient may have had.
    An up to date patient summary.

Please address all referrals to Dr Hannah Connell, Consultant Clinical Lead.

For further information please contact

Private referrals 

  •  We accept private referrals for adults. These need to be accompanied by detailed medical history documentation, as described above. All patients would receive our usual extensive Consultant and Rehabilitation assessment, and two detailed reports would follow. We will provide recommendations for treatment, either at our service or elsewhere. Please call 01225 82 11 81 with any questions.
  • We do not accept private referrals for children or adolescents.
  • We do not produce Expert Witness reports.

If you would like information on how to refer to one of our sister services....