Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is a practice used at BCPS during treatment. It is a practical skill that can be used to train your ability to think clearly by being present in the here and now, with compassion towards oneself and others.

All of the guided excerises below are free to download and distribute non-commercially. Please credit the orginal sources when doing so and feel free to direct people here for more resources. If you have any comments about the practices you download we'd love to hear your feedback.

Mindfulness of breath

These short mindfulness exercises focus on bringing awareness to the process of breathing. As something that we are doing all of the time, watching our breath allows us to come into the present moment and practice being aware.

Body scan

Body scan meditations invite you to move your focus of attention around the body, being curious about your experience and observing any sensations that you become aware of.

Guided excerises

The following tracks invite you to have a greater awareness of the passage of time, to focus on the breath and body, noticing sensations in moments of movement and moments of stillness.